A bathroom can be a major turnoff in our home, whether it be selling our home or living in it. We aim to inspire you when it comes to designing and implementing your bathroom design ideas to help you get it right.

Good bathroom can add value to home

In the UK we have an addiction to home improvements. It seems to be a national thing. We are the kings of our castles! But one place to put a bit of focus is in the bathroom, after all you will spend a decent portion of your time there, brushing your teeth, washing or sitting. It makes sense to make it nice. Whats more the effort spent on the bathroom could add value to your home, as property expert Phil Spencer explains.

Designing a bathroom can be confusing

When it comes to designing our new bathrooms it can be very difficult and confusing to know what is the right things to do. A bathroom is a very complicated job. You have plumbing, baths to fit, shower cubicles to install, electric shower or not, tiling or cladding – it can go on and on. With that so too can it break your budget and your bank!

Helpful tips for your bathroom

So we have setup our baths blog to give you a helping hand deciding what to do with your bathroom. With our years of experience, designing and installing baths, showers, basins, toilets and so forth we have come across many do’s and don’ts. We hope that we can pass on some useful advice and make new friends along the way.

Don’t forget though that designing your new bathroom should be fun and worth the effort in the end.

The Team